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Yes…Princess Toph
Ok here Toph is 16, and Iroh is fire lord. Its Halloween

She was sleeping, sleeping just like she did everything else, on a rock. When she felt her mother and fathers dashing,-well as fast as rich people would dash- over.  
“Toph dear, today is Holloween and we thought that maybe you should go trick or treating this year, interact with some other people your age, well of course with one of the maids” Her parents giggled
“Why would I want to dress up in a stupid costume just so random kids can make fun of me?!” Toph practically yelled
“Surei, I request a drink”  “Thanh, Jin Dee, get me some food”  Toph swung out her arm, pointing to the mansion .
“Oh Toph, just give it some thought, we already had one of the servants make you a beautiful costume, now do you want to have had them put all that work go to waste?”Their tone turned more harsh
“Mom, Dad, you are the ones who told them to make the stupid costume, without asking me if I wanted it in the first place!”
“That’s enough young lady, you are going out tonight whether you like it or not” Her father’s tone softened “Tuo, will take you out at 7:30 tonight, but until then I would like you to stay in your room”
Toph trudged up to her room and immediately jumped out of the window. She bended a soft bed of earth out of the ground to catch her fall, and then ran off to her secret hidng place.
She ran to her perfect earthbending spot and started throwing rock at trees, ground and…other rocks.
“Damn……parents….never let me…say…anything!” She bended a giant rock over a tall gate…..”Dammit….”
“Hey, what was that all abou-....Toph?”

“Well, Princess Zuko, I didn’t expect to see you here.” Toph felled back and bended a rock for her to lean on.
“I’m vacationing with my uncle” He said ignoring her remark
“So whats up with your life, ya know besides almost killing me with a rock?” He chuckled, and Toph smirked
Her smile morphed back into a frown. “My parents are making me go trick or treating, and stuffing me into some lame-o, costume”
“Oh well that’s pretty bad, well,…..why don’t I go with you?” He sat down on as much of the rock as he could.
“No thanks Zuko, it’s bad enough going, I don’t want another babysitter”
Toph didn’t know why, but she felt some strange regret after she rejected the offer.
“Another?” Zuko lifted an eyebrow.
“My maid is coming with”
“Well, that’s  bad…nevermind then, Have fun tonight” He said mockingly
“Quiet Princey” She threw a rock at his head
Zuko dodged it,  and chuckled as he walked away…..

“Ugh” Toph grumbled as the maids put on her costume. She squirmed and twisted, it was sooo uncomfortable. “I want my bending clothes back” She hissed.
“Ohh I wish you could see yourself Mistress Toph, you look so adorable”
“Well, it feels stupid, but now that you say that, I’m pretty it looks stupid too.” She blew her bangs out of her face”
Soon the maids were finished and Tuo, lead her out the door.
“Tuo, I forgot my jacket, run in and get for me” I think you can probably guess what happens next. Toph ran off as fast as she could.
After running a good length away she stopped to rest
“Not up to anything are you?” A question came from behind
“Zuko? Again?”
“I thought your maid was going with you?”
“I ditched her”
Zuko, finally took a full look at her costume. And his cheeks turned cherry red. Good thing Toph is blind.
She was so different than before, her hips were more defined, her legs were longer and her breasts were more filled out. He took a second to drink every part of her in and then snapped back to reality.
“Zuko, really be honest, how to I look?”
He swallowed and waited for the words to come….
“I knew it, I’m going back home”
“Wait Toph, you look….good”
“Nice try, I’m not buying it”
“But while you’re here you might as well tell me what you are.” She really was curious on what ridiculous outfit Zuko had put together.
“I’m a……. Prince”
“……” Toph’s mouth hung open for a second and then started laughing her so loud the other children were all staring at her, she knew it but she didn’t stop laughing. “You don’t have a very good imagination, do you Sparkey?” “Hahahaha!!”
“Stop it Toph it’s not that funny”
“haha..ok..haha..I’m done”
“So, don’t you want to know what you are..? Zukos turned away to hide his blush
“OK, humor me, what am I?” Toph was expecting, a cat, or a fairy, or some other creature.
“You’re a…Princess” Now it was Tophs turn to start blushing. Her face turned cherry red and Zuko could easily tell.
“A princess?” She said quietly
“Yeah, not laughing anymore are you?”
“So you’re a Prince and I’m a Princess?”
“mm hmp”
“Well, people might start thinking some things if we’re seen together…”
Again Zuko started blushing uncontrollably.

This went on for another hour or so, someone would say something, the other would blush.

“So Zuko, you still with that Mai girl” She never like her very much at all
“No we broke up”
“Oh sorry” Inside Toph was a kind of glad…
“Uh…how much longer do we have to do this? Toph complained and looked at her feet.
“What the Tough Blind Bandit can’t handle some walking?” Zuko laughed
Toph looked annoyed.
“Well……why don’t I …carry you?”
Toph’s face burned…but it wouldn’t look good…”No thanks Zuko..”
He sighed…..
They walked a bit longer in silence. Toph’s feet were killing her, they ached from walking barfoot on the hard gravel streets. So she swallowed her pride…
“Zuko, could you….carry me?”  There was a long silence between them.

“…………” “Yes…Princess Toph….” He scooped her, up and brought his lips to hers…
Toph’s eyes opened in shock, but then slowly closed again. His lips over hers felt so hot as her face heated up. They stayed like that for what seemed like hours, but then broke apart after they realized everyone was looking at them.
“Uhh…Zuko..” And he whisked her away to an abandoned old park.
He kissed her passionaley for the second time and fell back onto the grass.
Zukos felt Toph’s fragile arms slide down his back. Toph burned as she felt Zukos hot hands on her face.
   “My  parents are going to kill me”  Toph said finally breaking apart
“Then don’t go back”  Toph was speechless again…. “Stay with me tonight”
Zuko scooped her up, running back to his own apartment
Ok This is my first fan fic I wrote it in like two hours. I think Toko is a really cute ship! This is my story that goes with my entry for :icontoko-fans:'s Toko Halloween Contest. I am only entering the Pic, not the story, but I wrote it just because. Here is the link for the pic that goes with it [link]

Tell me what you think!
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Liooness2000 Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2008
that was great! lovely job and good story, though there were a few jumps that could have been smoother. but great job
Valkyrie-Fire Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2008
thank you very much. I do agree, but its my 1st fanfic, and i just wanted to get it done. lol
Toko-Toph-Loves-Zuko Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2008  Student General Artist
omg Your imagination is wonderful. I felt i was really there!
Valkyrie-Fire Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2008
thanks you, that means so much. since, ya know it's my first fanfic. :hug:
AngelKittyChan Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2008
very cute! I love toko fics!
Valkyrie-Fire Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2008
Thank you! SO do I. They are such a cute couple :cuddle:
AngelKittyChan Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2008
:heart:.:heart: yah!
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